Convention ERSI 2023


Luciano Vianelli Memorial

The opening competition for cylinders and padlocks, open to locksmith professionals and enthusiasts, will take place on Friday May 12th, in the Savoia Hotel Regency in Bologna. The competition includes an elimination phase on Friday morning starting at 11:00 am followed directly by the final. The conclusion is expected at 12:30 pm.
Each participant can register for the cylinder and padlock opening competition, subject to availability. The winners will receive a tool for opening locks or cylinders as a prize. All competitors will receive a certificate of participation.


20 participants are admitted to the competition, divided into 4 groups of 5 people each. Each competitor will position himself in his own place, assigned by drawing lots. You must use your own tools and only hand picks are allowed. Each participant will receive a padlock or cylinder commonly used throughout the country. The cylinders on the various tables will have the same ciphers. The competition takes place in 5 rounds of 5 minutes each. At the end of each round, each contestant passes the cylinder or padlock just manipulated to the contestant on their right. When a contestant, during a round, opens the cylinder or padlock he must raise his hand and say “open”. A race assistant will take note of the time taken to unlock and will ensure that the cylinder or padlock is delivered to the next competitor in the locked position. To access the final, the sum of the number of cylinders and padlocks opened and, alternatively, the sum of the time spent unlocking them will be taken into account.
The first classified of each group and the two best seconds among the four groups enter the final.
The final takes place in six rounds of 4 minutes in which each finalist will open all six locks prepared using the same methods as in the elimination phase.

Wish you the best of luck!

Places are limited. Registration for this activity is subject to approval by ERSI.

Savoia Hotel Regency Bologna
Via del Pilastro 2 – Bologna (Emilia Romagna)
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Friday 12 May 2023
Elimination phase on Friday morning starting at 11:00 followed directly by the final. The conclusion is expected at 12:30.